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By One Man - Update - January 2018

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Updated File - By One Man - January 2018


By One Man – A compilation of evidence from Christadelphian writers demonstrating that God-directed evolution (GDE) is incompatible with Bible teaching and the BASF


This updated version of By One Man is provided to ecclesias as a resource to enable brothers and sisters to clearly see the consistency of Christadelphian teaching on this subject, from Bro Thomas to the present.


There is nothing new in this document. It is not an attempt to foist upon the ecclesial world a new teaching. Rather, it is designed to uphold Bible teaching, Christadelphian teaching (on creation, the first man and woman, the nature and consequences of the fall, the devil, the atoning work of our Lord Jesus Christ and the purpose of God with mankind) and the BASF (including, in Australia, the Cooper-Carter Addendum).


It says no more, and no less, than has been stated in the past by many leading Christadelphian writers in numerous standard Christadelphian works and in our leading magazines. The material in By One Man provides easy access to the views expressed by these writers so that readers can be assured that the foundation beliefs that they were baptised into remain Christadelphian teaching despite recent challenges to them.


By One Man has also been written as a ready reference and a deposit for future generations to consult, whenever subjects of this nature arise, to give them an understanding of Bible and Christadelphian teaching and the confidence to not be “carried about with every wind of doctrine” (Eph 4:14).


Any comment on fellowship matters in By One Man is based on Scripture, the Australia Unity Agreement, the Ecclesial Guide and Christadelphian precedent.


Compared to the first edition released in May 2017, this updated edition includes a new fifth section on our understanding of the Devil (diabolos), and hence quotations by the same set of Christadelphian writers on this subject (see Key index table below). Some additional quotations for the first four sections were also found, and hence included in this edition


It is hoped that By One Man will assist readers to maintain long-established Christadelphian teaching. The ultimate aim of By One Man is to glorify our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ and to establish true unity in the ecclesial world based on the truth of God’s word and an honest acceptance of the BASF as it was intended to be understood by those who wrote it.


By One Man and the supporting Supplementary documents contain hyperlinks so that the information under each heading listed in the Contents page can be easily accessed by clicking on the heading. To return to the Contents page readers can click on either the ‘Home’ icon or the ‘Contents’ icon at the bottom of the section that has been accessed.



Colin Byrnes

January 2018


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Note: Please refer to page 15 of the main document to access the hyperlinked version of this table.


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