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  1. bruce

    Hi Kay!

    I hope all's well.  I was looking up a password in my very large and disorderly list of web sites and passwords, and saw "Kay McGrath's http://cbmresources.org/"   which I must admit I'd forgotten.  It was a good idea - I don't know why it didn't take off.

    I'm still working on https://bibsci.sutherlandchristadelphians.org but it's a disappointment in that I can't find anyone who is willing to make a scriptural case against evolution, would you believe. All I can say is that it's an environment where they are likely to be challenged, politely I hope, so they chicken out.  To me it's a reason to despair of the ecclesia in general worldwide. A high barrier against membership without good justification is a bad look.

    God bless and LITL, may he come soon!

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