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Good Question - Genesis or ANE?

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 08:49 AM

Good Question - Genesis or ANE?


Good question-is Genesis merely a rip-off of other ANE lit?

Series Begin: Feb 2005


Last update: Dec 9/2005 (Final Installment)]

"Every so often I get a question like this:

Hi Glenn;

Most of the skeptics (and atheists) believe that Old Testament writers borrowed from “epic of Gilgamesh” and other pagan sources found “at least one thousand years before Old Testament”… They often tell me: “Why do you believe a book that contains Sumerian/pagan stories” ... They say: “especially Genesis 2:5-23 has amazing similarities with religion of Sumerians :There was Sumerian “paradise” called DILMUN and a Goddess made 8 vegetables in a garden, one of the Gods was sick (He has a problem with his RIB) The Goddess cured his RIB and that’s why she was called ‘woman of life’(NINTI) so The RIB story in Torah borrowed from this source even the story of eating apple is of pagan origin and according to sumerian legends the first human created from dust JUST LIKE TORAH SAYS”

I hope you can help me out here because it seems no one wants to give an answer about these stories…(maybe these are really “tough” questions)
Thank you …"


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