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Swanwick Bible Weekends

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Swanwick Bible Weekends


What is Swanwick?


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So, what exactly is Swanwick? Is it a YOUTH weekend or a FAMILY weekend? The answer is both!


There are two Swanwick Bible Weekends weekends each year, one in May, one in October.




The May gathering is predominately aimed at families. Alongside the main study sessions, there are organised groups for children of all ages, plus a crèche with video-link to the main studies. Throughout the weekend, there are also a number of activities specifically for children and families.




Swanwick in October is fairly unique in getting hundreds of young people together in one place for an entire weekend. October Swanwick is targeted at young people. There are two main groups...


October Youth Swanwick School Years 9-11 (Approx ages 12-15)


October Main Swanwick School Year 11+ (Ages 16+)


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