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Bible Reference Exporter

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Bible Reference Exporter


"BRE (Bible Reference Exporter) is a revolutionary Bible software package. A person can quickly create a list of references and with one click export all the passages to a document file using custom layouts. This site also provides access to the lists of BRE users worldwide, allowing you to study a wide variety of topics and themes. BRE helps in the preparation of talks as you can transfer the references from your notes and generate documents with all the required passages within a minute or two. BRE can even recognise references within a text file and extract them for you. If you like using spreadsheets for your studies, simply export the references to a csv file and let BRE do the rest.


BRE eliminates the previous hastle of copying and pasting, and also promotes the sharing of cross-references. We hope that you will find BRE useful. Please remember to share your lists with others."










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