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The Most Amazing Message Ever Written

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 The genius and symbolism of John’s Apocalypse. A Spiritual exposition of the Book of Revelation as a predictive and prescriptive study of the progress of the Church in carrying the testimony of its risen Lord to all nations, and of its interaction with, and persecution by the World, prior to the Second Advent of Christ.

 Dedicated to the Greatest of all Teachers,

- and to the unknown student.


Dr. David Pitt Francis worked for over a year as a full-time missionary in the West Indies, sub­sequently qualified as an accountant, and then be­came a lecturer. He has a first degree in Theology, History and New Testament Greek, masters degrees in Economics and Management, and was awarded a doctorate for research into the funding of public library services.

He has successfully prepared students for ‘A’ Level examinations in religious knowledge, contributed numerous articles to religious periodicals, and written and circulated two minor Biblical expositions; The Message of Daniel (1969); and Meditations on the Last Message of Jesus(1973). The present book is the result of over fifteen years research, during which the author has read most of the extant liberal and conservative commentaries on John’s Apocalypse. It takes a fresh view of the sub­ject as a spiritual drama on the growth in Chris­tian testimony between the first and second advents.



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