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Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament (THEGNT)
"Tyndale House plans to release the electronic text of THEGNT freely in 2016 to accompany its forthcoming interlinears of the Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) programme. At first the text, and only the text, will be available electronically. We are hoping to release the text in hard copy with apparatus and commentary in 2017. 
THEGNT presents a revised text based on the edition of Tregelles. Dirk Jongkind is primarily responsible for the initial revision and his editorial decisions are then being reviewed by Peter Head and Peter Williams. These three form the editorial committee. 
Specific features of this edition will include:
  • Readings chosen with particular attention paid to studies of scribal tendency
  • A focus on philological information, including presenting non-standard spellings when these are consistently supported by early manuscripts
  • Restraint by the editors to select only readings with significant manuscript support"


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