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Bible Toolkit Suite, CD-ROM

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Bible Toolkit Suite, CD-ROM


Media: PC CD-ROM

Minimum system requirements: Pentium III, 64MB RAM (128MB recommended), Windows XP / Vista

Publisher: David Pearce


"This suite includes the following:

  • Bible Commentaries (Jamieson, Fausset and Brown, Matthew Henry, Clarke, Gill)
  • Bible dictionaries (Easton, Smith)
  • Concordance (Strong)
  • Encyclopaedia (International Standard Bible)
  • Bibles (King James Version, 10 English and 10 International) & Topical Bibles (Torrey, Nave, Thompson)
  • Josephus' Complete Works
  • Elpis Israel
  • Daily Reading Planner
  • Christadelphian Hymn Books (2002 and 1964 text and music, scriptural references - please note that some hymns will be locked until copyright issues have been resolved; an unlock code will be sent later to enable this feature)
  • Interactive maps including freehand drawing and printing
  • Genealogies"

Please note that this product includes a £15.00 donation to the CBM Welfare Fund. When added to your basket, two items will be added; the CD-ROM itself, and the donation.


Price: £24.16 (Including VAT at 20%)





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