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Bible Truth CD

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"The main reason for compiling this disc is so that you may be assisted in your reading of God's Word. The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. However, it is seldom read from cover to cover. Some find the language difficult, others are unsure about where to begin. Christadelphians worldwide hold Bible Reading Seminars which encourage people to read the Bible with understanding. Whilst supporting one of these seminars, which received enthusiastic attendance, I realised that additional follow-up guidance and assistance was necessary. This disc will hopefully fill that need.


This CD contains a lot of information, which may seem overwhelming. In order to understand God's message, a continued and studious reading of the Bible and a general knowledge of world history is all that is necessary. It must be stressed that the courses, articles and lectures are only provided to help you discover the Truth.


The following is a list of material you will find helpful as you begin your Bible studies.

  • Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Course
  • Read the Bible Course
  • Overview of the Books of the Bible
  • Bible Books Summary
  • Bible Study Organiser

Why is it important to understand the Bible?


The Bible tells us how we can obtain eternal life in the Kingdom of God, where there will be joy and peace. It also provides us with great comfort in these current times of trouble and turmoil. God's Word is based on reality, and related directly to what is happening in the world, right now. Tragic events, and the power struggles between nations and religious movements, can be explained from the Bible. All we have to do is read it.


There is a wonderful future for those who put their faith in God. The alternative is very frightening. The decision is yours to make. It is our prayer that you will investigate God's message, and meditate upon the things which have been written for our learning." - Mark Smith


CD is Free of Charge to Non-Members





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