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  1. By One Man Main Book: By One Man - Available from thechristadelphian.com or lulu.com By One Man Supplementary Material – Download Here By One Man is a response to the challenge of Evolutionary Creation, or any view, which proposes that God evolved humans from primaeval life forms as His method of creation. By One Man reviews the evidence from both Scripture and Christadelphian writers and concludes that Evolutionary Creation is incompatible with Bible teaching and the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith (BASF). Evolutionary Creation conflicts with core Christadelphian teaching on creation, the first man and woman of the human race, the mortal and sin-biased condition of human nature that came in consequence of Adam and Eve’s sin, the meaning and origin of the devil, the atoning work of Christ and God’s purpose with humanity. By One Man furnishes easy access to the long-standing teaching of Christadelphians on these important subjects, and assures readers that our community’s beliefs are based on sound Scriptural evidence. By One Man is supported by a 575 page Supplementary Material pdf document. The Supplementary Material provides the full context of the eighteen Christadelphian writers, from John Thomas to Michael Ashton, cited in Section 6 of By One Man. The Supplementary Material contains further quotations, not included in the main document, that affirm each writer’s view on creation and the atonement to enable readers to understand more fully what they believed. Moreover, this document can be used as a resource to search on any specific subject or Bible verse to do with creation and the atonement. The Appendices to the Supplementary Material include the following relevant information: A chronology of key events over 1964 to 1967 concerning Bro Ralph Lovelock’s views on theistic evolution and the decision reached by the Watford Ecclesia to withdraw fellowship. The full context of the Watford Ecclesial statements published in the Christadelphian Magazine, including subsequent correspondence and “Letters to the Editor.” Two statements published in the early 1900s by the Sydney and Melbourne ecclesias, which underlined the importance of the physical consequences of Adam’s sin. A collection of articles on the relevance and importance of the BASF. A crucial article on the principles of fellowship by the Christadelphian Committee. It is hoped that By One Man and the Supplementary Material will prove to be a beneficial resource for ecclesias and individual brother and sisters. The ultimate aim of By One Man is to glorify our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ and to establish true unity in the ecclesial world based on the truth of God’s word and an honest acceptance of the BASF as it was intended to be understood by those who wrote it. Colin Byrnes and Matthew Jamieson April 2021 ByOneMan_Supplementary_16April2021.pdf
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