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This is Your Bible

This is Your Bible

Who runs and supports Thisisyourbible.com?

"Thisisyourbible.com is dedicated to clear and effective teaching about the Bible. Here you will find opportunities to learn through online courses with your own personal tutor, by asking us a specific Bible related question, or by browsing our library of articles on a wide range of Bible subjects. In addition, you will find other features and offers to assist Bible learning. Everything we offer here is free of charge.

The support and sponsorship of Thisisyourbible.com comes from a community of Bible students around the world known as the Christadelphians. We regard the Bible as the key for everyone when it comes to understanding God and his purpose, and our own relationship to those things. So, we hope that the services and features you find here will help you to learn more about God and his message to us, the Bible.

To find out more about the Christadelphians and the key teaching we find in the Bible you can read the article Who are the Christadelphians? or watch the video below. In summary, our commitment to help others learn about the Bible is driven by the wonderful message found in the book. It is a message that the Bible itself describes as a ‘great treasure’ and a ‘priceless pearl’ yet at the same time it is completely free for anyone who wants to find it.

The Bible teaches in a clear way about this earth; its past and its future. It contains God’s promise of a better world, and his offer to us to take part. It outlines how we can participate and explains the key role of Jesus Christ in God’s plan. It allows us to understand the life we live. We hope we can help you learn about these things."

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