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Special Creationism - Andrew Perry

Book Release

Special Creationism

By Andrew Perry
"This book (158 pages, 978-0-9574460-5-2) examines the creation, evolution and intelligent design debate. It argues that Genesis 1 is an account of a recent special creation of a habitable environment for humankind focused on Mesopotamia. The account is nevertheless exemplary for all of the planet (and the universe), teaching that God is a creator of all things. Evolution is a matter for Science and to be considered in the pre-Adamic space. Genesis presupposes the existence of the planet and Science has shown that there is an ancient history of life on earth. Philosophically, Science cannot exclude divine action (special creation) from this history. And Genesis gives us warrant for seeing the creative acts of God throughout the history of life on earth and nature shows this to have been the case in evidence for its intelligent design."

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