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Rightly Dividing the Word - A review of arguments used in ‘All One’

Rightly Dividing the Word

A review of arguments used in ‘All One’

Jonathan Burke (revised edition 2012)

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This book examines arguments raised by brother Ian and sister Averil McHaffie in their book ‘All One In Christ Jesus’ (2010 edition). A number of issues and arguments related to the subject of their work, are also examined.

The purpose of this work is to test a particular case being made, and to assess its credibility. Evidence is placed before readers and they are invited to assess the case for themselves and reach their own conclusions. Readers will not find here:
  • An argument that readers must hold a certain position in order to be consistent with Scriptural teaching: instead readers are left to weigh the evidence Scripturally in prayer, for themselves
  • An attempt to intimidate readers by associating any particular view repeatedly with apostasy, church tradition, feminism, or misogyny: instead readers are encouraged to assess each view on its own merits
  • A promotion of my personal views on the subject: instead readers are invited to assess the evidence, compare it with Ian and Averil’s claims, and decide for themselves1
Readers should also understand that this work is not an unsolicited criticism. It is a response to Ian and Averil’s own appeal for others to read their work and respond:

We continue to welcome constructive criticism of anything we write, and will be happy to correct anything which can be demonstrated to be in error.’2

1 I choose not to make a promotion of my personal views, because my own personal views are irrelevant; it is the responsibility of each individual to determine their own understanding of the Scriptures, and I have no desire to impose my interpretation on others or claim that it is the only valid interpretation and that all those who disagree are apostate.

2 ‘All One’, p. iv (2010).

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